Hades Oilfield Products is a provider of Spooling Units, Workshop Containers, Tool Boxes, Cargo Baskets, and containers, all certified to DNV 2.7-1.

We design equipment that is safe, reliable, efficient, user-friendly, and competitive. These characteristics complement each other and enable our customers to minimize their cost.

A summary of the breadth of our rental fleet:

    1. Spooling units, 6 models from 36in to 96in             

                  •  Remote controls, Pedal or Handheld                

                  •  600 Volt Slip Ring for downhole gauges

                  •  6,000 Volt Slip Ring for ESPs

                  •  Hydraulic slip rings

    2. Completion Sheaves for Control lines or Flat Packs

                 •  6 models, from 2ton to 10ton                

                 •  Certified to DNV 2.22 or DNVGL E377

    3. Large Radius ESP Sheaves 

                 •  2 models, 4ton and 10ton               

                 •  Certified to DNVGL E377

                 •  Optional swivels

    4. Tool Boxes, 6 models, 1.5m, 2m, 2.3m, 3m, 4m and 4.5m

     5. Front & Top Loaded Tool Boxes, 2 models, 1.2m and 2m

     6. Baskets, 6 models from 6m to 14m

             •  Baskets for Wireline Tool with rubber shock and vibration absorbers

    7. Workshop container, 6 models from 6ft to 20ft

    8. Dry Goods Containers, 3 models from 6ft to 20ft

     9. Feather weight Mini Container, only 800 kg TARE. Payload 3,000 kg

  10. Gas Bottle Racks

  11. Drum Basket for 4 drums

  12. 10ft Half Height container/basket


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